Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Advice for the brides to be

Since it's been nearly 8 weeks (I had to count the weeks on the calendar just then...) since our perfectly imperfect wedding, I thought I'd say HEY! Didya miss me!? You were probably sighing in relief thinking I wasn't coming back. I thought so last week too but hey, natalie jean, you get me every dang time. 

I was thinking last week. Thinking about what I would say to a bride to be if God forbid she asked for my advice on wedding planning. I came to be thinking about it because it had occurred to me how very different life is now. I feel like an entirely new woman. I may not have formally changed my name yet (I'm getting to it I swear) but I feel like I've traded places with Mrs Dewberry and it is so good to finally be here.

Planning the wedding was this wonderfully painful spiritual journey that I feel has changed who I am. Now that it's over my focus has shifted, I feel like I am responding to life differently, I'm trusting the timing of the universe because the universe has better plans for me (and us) than I do. I'm out of the wedding fog! I unfollowed the wedding blogs and everything!

Now that I'm so wise and old and married I think I would tell a bride to be that weddings are a pain in the ass. Because it's true. I would tell them to try their very best to be flexible with the things that are out of their control. And most importantly, I would tell them to not take advice from anyone. So I think this will be my official statement;

Dear brides to be, 

Listen to whoever is throwing advice at you like it's a free muffin, smile at them, nod your head even, but do whatever the eff you want to do anyway, just the way you want to do it. 
I promise you will learn many life lessons and regret nothing when you're done and married. 

All my love and faith and muffins, 
Girl who is done with weddings

Friday, August 22, 2014

Like a dream

If it weren't for these rings on our fingers I'd swear that it was all a dream. That the happy couple in those photos our dear friends took are strangers. In fact I still think I'm dreaming now, sitting on the edge of the caldera in Santorini, the sun setting directly in front of our too good to be true private balcony like the show is just for us. Our loved ones are calling us the Deweys. We're calling ourselves dreamers. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

last day!

Few things! Few things!

I've been having intense psychic dreams this week. I'll tell you all about my amazing new talent later (probs post wedding) (also just started and finished gone girl this week and can anyone tell me, does the word amazing ever look the same?). 

Yesterday I walked in the door and found a box sitting on my hall table. 

It had this in it. 

An early wedding present from my family - the Canon 6D. I died and went to heaven. Screamed for a good 10 minutes, jumped around, screamed some more, spent the night stroking her and giving her kisses. 

Her name is Sybil. Because me and Sybil, we see things. 

Sybil has so many buttons and talents and we love her so dearly. I cannot wait to play with her properly and take her to Europe and let her film my wedding etc. etc. Maybe I'll even learn to use her properly!

Too much love for a camera? Never. 

Next week! I'll be documenting and then blogging about all the things that go down in Wedding Week. Lucky you!

Crazy camera lady out.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Let's take a minute to admire this, found here

This is Nick and I, we're all about the ghost. I'd apologize but I don't feel like its necessary, if you're a ghoster too you'll know why. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

some things to click on

So my friend J sent me a text the other day. She said Hey! You should do a round up of links to click on your blog. I said Hey! good idea. And here we are because after a weekend like this:

Surfing the internet is all I am capable of. 

Let's not beat around the bush.

I'm still on a desperate rampage for beautiful skin. I tried a natural face mask last night that I found HERE. The lemon stung and my face was locked in an eggwhite hold but I think it did OK? My skin looked flushed and happy when I rinsed it off anyway.

House Tweaking does a post like this weekly. Their latest post has a link to THIS blog post. What a husband!

Any one else enjoy snooping at the house of the week? THIS one is stunning.

I bought the last pair of these shoes on Thursday from HERE. They were at my door at 8am the next morning. I bought them to wear as we walk around europe because cute sandals and a bung leg don't mix. I've been wearing them nonstop ever since and it was the best $100 I have spent in a reaaaallllllyyyy long time.

THIS. I will have one of everything, please and thank you. It's fine to buy your one day children Harry Potter PJ's, right?

And lets finish HERE at my wedding photographers blog because holy moly, talent and also, 19 days and one hour. What the hell.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

He made it!

Tuesday 22 July 2014, Nickdew completed his last piece of assessment for his masters degree. After two years, he's done! We made it. We made it through two years of living on our own with our two little dogs on one income. We made it through without too many scrapes and bruises. We've been waiting so patiently (or not so much) for this chapter in our lives to be finished so we can start the next. We can get married, earn more money, not worry about university... 
And somehow a little part of me thinks we might miss these years one day, because really even though they've been a little stinky, they've been oh, so happy and fairly uncomplicated.

I'm so proud of this man for what he has accomplished. I may grumble about having to support the family in this job but there is no way that I could have done what he has done, let alone how well he's done it.
I can't even spell physiotherapist most of the time... 

We're going to be alright, us nearly Dewberries. Just as long as I go to someone else for my physiotherapy, he goes to someone else for his haircuts and we go to the local thai place to celebrate every family milestone. Somebody say curry puff and a Heineken? 

Also this dog. 

Serves us right for trying to take family photos at dentastick time. What a ham.

I love you old dewberry mcgee! Thank you for working so hard.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

life lately // 3 weeks to the wedding edition

Blog! I miss you! I said that last week I know but now I'm just blogging once a week? I don't know why that's happened, I always thought no matter how busy life was I would always have time for this little space. I also thought there was nothing at all to wedding planning. How wrong I was. Brides! I have respect for you. 

So let's have a little life update courtesy of the things I have snapped on my phone!? OK. 

Here's the fam. 

The man of the house, finishing one of his last assignments ever. His little dog standing guard. 
The lady of the house on the 54th road trip in 7 months. I don't exaggerate. 
The lady of the house convinced the man to get her pretty little liars, mini donuts and a hotdog on one particular night when she had had enough. He obliged, it was the best night EVER. 
The kids loving on a sunday morning in bed with some winter sun. 

And with only a few weeks to go until the wedding a little tiny bit of what's happening

The sweetest happy one month until the wedding gift from some wonderful friends. 
Only three more menus to go. I'm hand lettering every dang one. Who knows why. 
My Ma is insane. She gave me a wedding gift last week... the oroton opera clutch. There was never a prettier clutch and I feel so lucky to have such a Ma but also I am so scared to touch it... 
Whipped out the scrapbooking supplies, more glitter and mod podge and a few skewers and bam! we have a cake topper. A free cake topper (the best kind). 

We've done SO much for the wedding in the last couple weeks. It's pretty annoying that you can only really finalize everything a few weeks before. Talk about adrenaline! Who even needs to sleep or eat!? 

And finally! some other things... 

I made my first sale! A friend of a friend asked me to make a few things... I hope they like them. 
I bought myself some ceramic ice creams from typo because they are SO dang cute and they were $1 each. Holla. 
Fantasy. bless it. 
A new design I'm loving. I am all about the floral wreaths these days. 

I'll have more thrilling updates for you in a jiffy. Or maybe even a proper post!? But really what even is a proper post around here? 

Love you. 

these are nice too

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